12 July 2020

SQL interview tasks #1

Sometimes I found interesting problems which I want to share with the world.
   MSSQL, Tasks

19 November 2018

How to speed up migration from local DB to Azure

I was asked to upload some data to the Azure server. I set up the LinkedServer, created tables and started uploading by inserting through the LinkedServer. After a while I mentioned it takes way too long.
   MSSQL, Tips

17 November 2016

Will the SSAS be ported to linux?

It's promised regarding to Microsoft:
   Linux, SSAS, MSSQL

13 September 2016

Generate row set recursively

Well, live and learn! I think it is great:
   Tips, MSSQL

27 July 2016

Testing DWH

I expect this post will be updated over time. Here I want to describe my test DB to handle business cases.

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