12 July 2020

SQL interview tasks #1

Sometimes I found interesting problems which I want to share with the world.
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19 November 2018

How to speed up migration from local DB to Azure

I was asked to upload some data to the Azure server. I set up the LinkedServer, created tables and started uploading by inserting through the LinkedServer. After a while I mentioned it takes way too long.
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24 March 2017

The dynamic members

Usually we consider dynamic members as calculated measures. [Measures] is a special dimension to get the values result.

14 March 2017

My name is Rank, Dense Rank!

The Rank is one of the functions that wasn’t initially designed for the MDX. Well, it’s possible for sure, however it’s not a first class function.

27 December 2016

Web OLAP: Step one

As I have mentioned before I was trying to prototype a web-based viewer:

30 November 2016

The DistinctCount and its rough edges

This is a follow-up on my last distinct count post. I’m going to show you the performance difference and the other aspects that you should bear in mind while projecting the distinct count KPIs.

17 November 2016

Will the SSAS be ported to linux?

It's promised regarding to Microsoft:
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11 November 2016

The totals and the NonEmptyCrossJoin function

Let’s suppose we need a report with the following structure:

17 October 2016

The best DistinctCount practice in SSAS

The DistinctCount aggregation is a semi-addictive aggregation. What does it mean?

13 September 2016

Generate row set recursively

Well, live and learn! I think it is great:
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