10 August 2016

Set operation within MDX and months of cooperation case

When it comes to MDX optimization, it is most likely that you have to avoid Set functions, really. Sometimes it's impossible, but avoiding them as often as they show up is the key towards reaching good performance.

30 July 2016

All Member

All Member is a very handy member to use in some MDX calculations. There is a need to remember, when you drop any measure and no other dimension members, it doesn't mean that they aren't in use. Every cell (tuple) has a coordinate. If you don't select any member from the hierarchy it doesn't mean that your current coordinate is unknown, it is .DefaultMember, most likely it's .All member (you can change default member in the Attribute properties).

27 July 2016

Testing DWH

I expect this post will be updated over time. Here I want to describe my test DB to handle business cases.

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